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Pharmacist Technician

What is a Pharmacist Technician?

pharmacist technician florida health careersA Pharmacist Technician works under the direction of a licensed pharmacist assisting in the day-to-day prescribed medication fulfillment process and provides information to patients as necessary. They work behind a counter at a pharmacy in a hospital, drugstore, nursing home, or other medical facility and their position may involve working with pharmaceutical representatives. Contact us today to begin preparing for the pharmacy technician certification at Florida Health Careers 888-415-5833!

Pharmacist Technician Skills

With changes occurring daily in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy technician skills have followed suit. Their primary responsibility is dispensing prescribed medication which requires immense awareness to detail since new drug brands continuously enter today’s market. Other skills include the following:

Attention to detail
A Pharmacist Technician should dose, mix, measure, and dispense the proper amount of prescribed medication based on the orders of a licensed pharmacist as well as keep patient records up-to-date and fulfill prescribed orders.

Doctor’s Orders
At times it is difficult to interpret doctor prescriptions but, this is part of what a Pharmacist Technician does. Interpret and read the doctor’s prescription, therefore they must be well-informed about medical terminology and pharmaceutical terms to translate the information to the patient.

Outstanding Patient service
Although a Pharmacist Technician doesn’t offer medical advice, it is their responsibility to interact with patients when distributing medication. Pharmacy Techs should have basic patient or customer service abilities to ensure they are delivering the correct prescribed medication to the customer, contact customers to advise the prescribed medication is complete and ready for pick-up, and follow up with any questions customers may have about their medication.

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There are many settings a Pharmacist Technician can work in such as drugstores or grocery stores which are much busier than other medical facilities on a day-to-day basis. Pharmacy Techs need to be able to handle different types of customers as well as work under great pressure and at the same time…keep everything behind the pharmacy counter organized.

Additional Roles for a Pharmacist Technician

Licensed pharmacists are performing increased patient care such as flu shots which open the doors for Pharmacist Technicians to take on a greater role in pharmacy processes to ensure medications are dispensed in a timely manner. Pharmacy Techs could gather patient info, prepare other types of prescribed medications, and verify work of other technicians. The opportunities are endless and according to labor statistics, pharmacy technician employment is expected to increase 9 percent through 2024, which is quicker than average for all careers.

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